Proposed Safety Device for 18 Wheeler Trucks

(see text below drawings)


18-wheeler Guard Rail

Pardon the rough sketch, but hopefully the concept of this idea can be understood.

The thought of sliding under an 18 wheeler while traveling down the freeway is extremely unappealing to me. I can guess for you as well. Hollywood has displayed several movies showing this type of thing happening, and I've seen a few photos of this happening in real life. Wouldn't it be nice for the truckers of America to add the equivalent of a guard rail on the side of their trucks. This way, you would just bounce off of the truck versus going underneath it and possibly having in excess of 50,000 pounds of whatever passing over your vehicle. To follow is a sketch I've prepared of what trucks currently look like and what I propose they look like. Having a guardrail on the side of trucks would alleviate any possibility of a vehicle traveling underneath it in an accident. The side rail would flip up, possibly with the assistance of hydraulic motors, to allow mechanics to change the tires in the event of a flat. The inconvenience would be substantially offset by the decrease in insurance rates a trucker would experience for installing this type of safety device and the cost for paying for someone's horrific death versus bouncing off of this guardrail. 

So none of us end up looking like this...