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To  follow are several Key Court Documents regarding Andrea Yates case, including a psychiatric evaluation prior to the murders that prompted the mental health facility to request a judge to have her committed to a state hospital.   Critical stuff, it looks like professionals determined she was in really bad shape and needed help, and that the process of getting her out of the house and into an institution took longer than it should have in her case and before she could get that help she took her children's breath.  I honestly believe this would have been an open and shut case of temporary (or possibly permanent) insanity.   But one "expert" witness for the prosecution stated that the exact same thing Andrea Yates had done had been on a episode of Law & Order or some other hugely popular crime drama just months before she did the crime.   The only problem with that, no such episode existed or had been done, on this show or any other.  Whether mistakenly or intentionally, the expert lied or made a mistake but the jury was then convinced that Andrea Yates was not a poor woman who had a breakdown but a maniacal Mom out for a book deal I guess.   Court documents follow. 

Psychiatric Evaluation and Findings of Severe Mental Health Symptoms Prior to Murders


Discharge Summary following Evaluation




Request to Place Andrea Yates In State Mental Hospital Prior to the Murder but not completed in time



The Yates Family during happier times (the newborn child does not appear above.)



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