Code 3 "Police Interceptor" Camaro Video


Video of my car done in preparation of selling it.  Demonstrated are the Wig-Wag headlights, plus the various tones of the siren and air horn.  The Cars music plays in the background.  Footage of one of my totaled Camaro's appears in the middle.  There are two copies of the video, one for those with very fast  Internet speed, and another for those with fast dial-up or slow DSL.  Press the play button on the appropriate player below to begin the video.  right-click on the video window to choose to zoom the video window and view it at a larger size, up to full screen.  Videos below photo:


Photo above taken at Dallas Police Headquarters - the area just above the Police Camaro's passenger side windshield wiper is the ramp to go into the basement of this building, which is how Jack Ruby was able to get down to kill Lee Harvey Oswald in 1962.  My Camaro is blocking the driveway down to the basement in this photo.  See My Car Wreck Video Page called Camaro Crash Video for additional Camaro and law enforcement dash cam crash videos.


Code 3 Camaro Video demonstrating siren tones and wig-wag headlights (short version of tape):


If you have fast Internet, view this one:

Dial-up or slow DSL users:

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First Responder Extreme Crash DVD Series

I am producing a video series on DVD and VHS that will be released shortly.  For a six month period I was doing a first responder test for some ideas, and utilizing a database that captured all major accident calls in Dallas, I began parking my vehicle in strategic positions in the City of Dallas.   This resulted in some amazing video footage.  Monitoring the Dallas Fire Department Website and a scanner that monitored both Dallas Police and Fire Department radio calls, I began responding to accident scenes of serious accidents and accidents requiring the jaws of life to remove victims.  Due to the strategic placement I was able to arrive either shortly before or simultaneously with emergency vehicles.  This resulted in some amazing footage that I shot as I arrived and documented both the scene and the extraction where the jaws of life were utilized.  I am currently editing this footage into a 3 DVD/VHS tape set that I will begin offering on my website.  I will charge a nominal price for these with a reduced amount when purchasing the whole set. Some of the things you will see in the tape are:


DWI Suspects: Multiple suspects undergoing Field Sobriety Tests and arrests after causing serious accidents.


Escape: Suspect who fled the scene leaving 5 vehicles crashed and the freeway shutdown.  Police officials gave me full access and I was able to document the entire scene.


Red light running suspect arrested after running a red light and hitting a small car broadside.  Jaws of life used to extract 3 women returning from Bible Study. (The entire extraction was filmed and appears plus the suspect being arrested. Marijuana and alcohol were found in the vehicle.)


New Black Mustang exploded after breaking down in fast lane of freeway and was rear-ended by a truck.  Young male did not have time to raise hood or trunk and was hit at 70.  I arrived and filmed the entire event beginning as the first fire truck was extinguishing the flames.  A witness gave a statement on camera to myself and network news cameras who arrived after I did. The extraction was filmed and the deceased being placed in the medical examiners vehicle. 


Last minute lane change rollover: Driver who was going to miss turn tried to change lane at last second and hit construction barrel, flipping his vehicle upside down.


DWI suspect never stopped at red light and rear ended vehicle in front of it at light, nearly killing the driver and flipping both vehicles.   Much, much more...

If you would be interested in ordering a copy of this video series and you would like to be notified when they are ready, use the Information Request Form (link located at the bottom of every page) to send in your e-mail address and once ready I will send you a hyperlink to the web page with complete details.

Mustang Rear Ended and Burst Into Flames

After the Ford Pinto and the rear end explosions that killed quite a few people, Ford still seems to be having vehicle fire problems.    The video below was filmed by me in Dallas after a vehicle stalled on the freeway in the fast lane and was rear ended moments after stalling before he could get out.  His new Mustang burst into flames, tragically, killing the young driver.   Part of the Extreme Crash DVD Series I am working on currently.  Have a look:



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