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Due to too many requests for photos, videos and images, you must either purchase a site download or find what you are looking for at another web site.  I appreciate the interest but I am an individual, not a company, and cannot respond to all of these requests.


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Due to a large number of requests for photos, and due to an increase in the amount of people visiting this site, I am now placing the entire website into a file for download to your computer. 

Update your copy of the site with the most current copy of my site whenever you like with this option.   For DVD orders allow 14 days for shipping.  Instant Download can begin immediately after payment is made. No Paypal account is needed.

Instant Download - Photo Only-  $ 2.95

Instant Download - Entire Site - $ 7.95 (Music, Videos and Photos)


Order now at PayPal Secure Website with Debit Card or Credit Card No PayPal account is needed with credit card orders, just click and check out.  You can use any of the following credit cards or an E-check:


Download Option - Instant "Photo Only" Download

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Download Option -  Site Download - Video, Music & Photos

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