For those that love Macintosh and Apple Computers!

(For the faint of heart, there are several cuss words used in this presentation. You have to expect that though from anyone who made the mistake of buying an Apple Computer. And for anyone who does not like IBM and compatibles, realize that if the IBM compatible revolution had not occurred, a Pentium 4 speed computer with all the goodies would cost you about 20,000 dollars today, instead of under $1,500.)

The video I made about my car accidents, my first video, was made on a Pentium 4 computer using Windows Movie Maker. See the Accident Video button on all screens to access this video.

My Car Accidents in Dallas

View my car wreck video, with footage of two accidents I was in here in Dallas, the latter one requiring the jaws of life.  Photos and video can be viewed at the following links: 

My Car Wreck Photos    My Car Wreck Video


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