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The ultimate high performance badge for cars, the legendary POLICE INTERCEPTOR emblem plate.  The Police Interceptor package is the definitive addition to any vehicle, and stands for high performance, durability and strength.  This legendary police-only package includes a high performance pursuit engine, heavy duty suspension and electronics.  Add this emblem to your street machine and let others know your ride means business.  Or add it to your Hyundai and amuse your fellow motorists.   

Since adding this emblem to my vehicle, I've not been car jacked, not had an accident, not been tailgated for more than 4 seconds, not spilled a drink in my car and have not had any deer jump in front of my vehicle.  Obviously I cannot guarantee these same results for you, however, I've got a pretty good feeling about this one.



See more photos of this Camaro I was driving that was totaled when an Escalade ran a red light:

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