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Google allows you to search for photos also. Just click on any of the Google logos above, then enter your photo search information, and you'll see multiple pages of that photograph and related photos almost immediately. Most searches take less than one-half second. 

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Use Yahoo Search Engine instead of Google

I used to think Google was the premier search engine, but after extensive testing and analysis, I have found Google to be very scattered in its results, particularly over time periods. Granted it is fast, but now all other major search engines are just as fast or faster as they adopted the speed techniques used by Google. And, now most include the tabs at the top to search for photos, videos and other items besides just web pages. I am now recommending the Yahoo search engine as the premier search tool. The reason being, if you enter Steele Shepherd into the Google search bar, you will find everything, including some of my secondary pages, but not my home page. One week I was number one in the list on that search, and the next week I would further than 800 listings down. No rhyme or reason at all; there were no changes or modifications to my home page to cause this change. When I contacted Google about this they had no explanation for it. If you want consistent, fast and accurate results, use Yahoo or some of the other major search engines.

I will say though, Google does have a translation service that is very good. You can translate any web page to most other major languages quickly. The only problem I've seen with it thus far is that it can only do the first part of the page. If the page is a long page at all, only the first three-fourths of the page will get converted. The rest will remain in its native language.

For Google Language Translation go to this page and select either convert text or convert web page:

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