International Language Translation Information


For those of you who would like to translate various information to/from one language or another, there is a tool available that allows you to translate either a word or phrase of text from one language to another, or you can put in a web page you are interested in viewing in a different language, select what the language it is in and what you want it to appear in, and click translate, and you can then see the page as it appears but with the translated text. It is a fairly effective tool, but appears to only convert the first 100-120 or so lines of text.  A friend of mine from Germany told me the German translation was pretty bad, so I am not sure how much it will help, but hopefully between that and the English you can understand it.


ENGLISH: To translate any web page or text to a different language, click here


GERMAN: um jedes mögliches 4web page oder Text zu einer anderen Sprache zu übersetzen, klicken Sie hier

SPANISH: Para traducir cualquier Web page o texto a una diversa lengua, chasque aquí

FRENCH: Pour traduire n'importe quel page Web ou texte à une langue différente, cliquetez ici



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