Where there is no vision, the people perish.

Proverbs 29:18 KJV


This page is about vision in general, about having a vision that includes goals to reach that vision.  However, once in my life I had an actual vision.  This Easter 2006 I shared that vision with the world here on my website.  So I have reproduced it here also a week later as I want to make sure others have an abundant opportunity to share it with me and the Lord.  So that is first, followed by information regarding vision itself.

Update: In my life thus far I have been blessed with one vision, and I will share that vision with the world this Easter, 2006, on this page.  It has never been published and has only been shared with immediate family and friends to date.   Also, when I say vision I mean just that.   Not a day dream, not a dream, a wide awake vision just like I was watching a movie.   May it be a blessed Easter for you and your loved ones this year.  


May, 1985:  After lunch one day I went to take a nap.  I had just finished eating and went in and sat on my bed, prepared to lay down.  I took my shoes off as I sat there and happened to close my eyes briefly, like a slow blink.  When I did I noticed something amazing.  I saw stars, and black space, just like a scene from a Star Wars movie.  It was so odd I immediately opened my eyes right back up.  This wasn't the back of my eye lids like you are used to seeing.   

I saw thousands of stars. It was unusual and I could not figure it out. I was stunned. I had never seen anything like that.  I paused for a second, thinking how odd that was.  Curious, to make sure nothing strange was going on, I closed my eyes again. To my amazement, the stars were still there. This time I kept my eyes closed and began looking at the stars. It was like looking at a scene from Star Wars or Star Trek, where you are looking at a bunch of stars against black space. It was as clear as a movie. I kept staring and suddenly the stars started to slide slowly toward me. As they started coming toward me they started picking up speed and within a few moments, they were blazing at me at a tremendous pace and, then, so fast they became a blur.  This occurred so quickly I did not have time to open my eyes back up, almost like looking at a car wreck happening, amazed and wondering what would happen next.  

Suddenly the stars were gone and I was walking down an aisle in a darkened area like a theater with people on my left and right sides. I kept walking until, in front of me, was Jesus Christ.  Here I was, looking into the eyes of my Lord and Savior. He looked like He did in the pictures I've seen. However, there was one huge difference: no artist had ever captured the amount of love I was seeing in His eyes. Pure love radiated from His eyes. It warmed my heart. I couldn't believe it. I was overjoyed and overwhelmed by His presence. He smiled at me and gestured for me to sit down with a sweep of his right arm. I sat down to my left, His right, with the happy people. I was so excited. I knew, at that moment, that I was saved and, for this, was overjoyed.

Once I sat down and settled in among the people with me, I looked back up at Jesus. He was no longer looking at me but, instead, was looking back up the aisle where I had just come from. I looked to see who was next, and there was Lisa, my ex-girlfriend who had broken up with me 2 years earlier. "Oh, my gosh!" I said to myself, "It's Lisa." I looked back to Jesus and He was no longer looking at Lisa but, instead, was looking at me. He was shrugging his shoulders as if telling me he didn't know if Lisa would be saved or not. Immediately I thought "Oh, my gosh, Lisa is not going to make it!"

I turned to see Lisa again but she was gone, replaced by a friend of mine whom I had had a falling out with and was no longer friends with. His name was Tal. Again, I thought, "It's Tal!" When I turned to see the Lord, He was looking at me and shrugging his shoulders.

Then the Lord spoke to me, without moving His lips, just thinking to me and looking at me intently, He said, "you need to help these people."  

Immediately, without speaking out loud but thinking, I said, "Lord, these people did a lot of bad things to me. They hurt me..."

As the words came out of my mind the Lord's eyes went to a sheepish look and I saw hurt fill His eyes and I realized He had died for my sins and had forgiven me of my sins, yet I was holding petty anger toward these two people.  I felt sudden overwhelming shame.  He had nails driven through His hands for me, yet I allowed contempt in my heart for these people whom I once loved so much.  And His look changed as quickly as the shame registered in me, but His look went to compassion and forgiveness for my reaction.  The love in His eyes at that moment made tears form in my eyes. 

 [I am going to locate my original diary with this information as I want to be sure of the exact words the Lord stated about this exact part of it.  I typed up the document in 1998 from memory, but still have the original entry in my diary from the day it happened will clarify in near future.  The other version of this from memory is at end of vision.]

The Lord had indeed forgiven me for everything I'd done but I couldn't let go of the little bit Lisa and Tal had done. I told the Lord, "Lord, I am so sorry, I am so wrong. Please forgive me."

The Lord smiled at me with those eyes full of love and said, "Son, you understand, it's alright. Just help them." 

I said, "Okay, Lord, I understand." There was another exchange of smiles and, then, He was gone.

Things went back to black with the stars back, ripping away from me at a thousand miles per hour, completely blurred, then, slowly, slowing down until, again, they came to a stop. I stared at them for a few seconds after they stopped, and decided to open my eyes for a second hoping they would still be there as soon as I closed my eyes back.  I very quickly opened then closed my eyes and everything was back to normal.  This all happened while I was sitting upright, on my bed, with my feet on the floor, as you would do prior to laying down.  Except I just happened to blink before I left that position and noticed for the first time in my life that there were stars there.  It is now 2006 and Ive not seen the stars since that day, that moment.  They never returned.  Maybe by sharing this with the world this Easter Day, 2006, I will see the stars again.  But if I dont I will always feel so humbled and so blessed to have seen what was shown to me that day.  When this occurred I had been a Christian for a little over 2 years, having been saved April 10, 1983, baptized May 4, 1983.  May these words find you enveloped in Gods Love and filled with Christ Spirit for my Christian brothers and sisters, and for those of other faiths, I feel like God appears to us in ways we can understand.   We were all one before the Tower of Babel, and we were scattered on that day.  But it was not meant to destroy us just to slow us down.  My belief is that the Father seeks those that worship Him in Spirit and in Truth no matter what mountain you worship on.   This is what Jesus Himself stated to the young woman at the well.   So no matter what your beliefs, may God as you understand Him bless you and your family, friends and loved ones richly and abundantly above all that we can think or ask. 

In His Name, Steele

Other Version from Memory of Lords reaction

He said to me (mentally also) "Son, I forgave you for everything you've done. Can't you forgive them?" I was so overwhelmed with shame about it that I couldn't believe what I'd said.


Vision is so intense, so important. Listen to the words of the song at the foot of this page.  Peter Gabriel's view of vision with change, presented in an amazing short song and the beginning of my actual vision.

From the pain come the dream
    From the
dream come the vision
        From the
vision come the people
            From the
people come the power
                From this
power come the change

Peter Gabriel, 14 Black Paintings